Thursday, April 5, 2012

addicted yet?

we have been chatting in the office about how addicted we all are with pinterest...
literally, i have to say out loud "catherine step away from pinterest" i could peruse images forever and forget why i logged in in the first place!
if you care to see what is on rikshaw's pinterest come join here

want it all above! lots of thin charm necklaces, tan skin, bikini!

i have a board dedicated to People...Paul Newman a classic handsome babe!

what a childs room should look like...color, pattern, creativity!

eat better, yumm


AC said...

Where is the bikini from in the top pic??

rikshaw design said...

i wish i knew..i pinnined it from someone else on pinterest.

Anonymous said...

do you know who you repinned it from?? you should be able to tell who makes it from that.

Anonymous said...

it's lspace MA8912