Monday, April 23, 2012

motivation monday

this is me at the gym above... in the usa with your physique!
need to do and need suggestions...have any??

so true...

yoga retreat in mexico on the horizon..

these images are helping me to get re-motivated...bathing suit season is upon us, but more than that i hate feeling tight and achey and i have no excuses.


i have been attempting to eliminate grains from my diet, its hard...haven't made it a solid week yet.
but i am addicted to green juice i drink everyday, its so delicious. at least summer yummy food is happening..berries, grilling, heirloom tomatoes!


Happenstance said...

I'm so with you on this! I'm literally about to join our neighborhood gym and it feels strange. I'm used to yoga studios only. BUT these pics are motivating. Thanks:)

Natasha Ayers said...

I hear you! I have been feeling the same things! Drinking tons of green juices and smoothies. Been meaning to make a big pitcher of green tea + juice and leave it in the fridge. I'm a work at home mama, and need to exercise in order to feel right. My days are really demanding, and I feel that if I have the freedom to do as I please with my business and how I raise my kids, I must fit working out into it all, too! I recently discovered Tiffany Rothe workouts on YouTube, and they're amazing. I can't do gyms- they just feel gross, so yoga and dance workouts really do it for me. Plus anything that keeps me outdoors, in the sunshine is that much better. When we go to the beach, I make sure to run around like crazy in the sand, and climb the trees in the sea grape forests. Dancing, I feel is fun and invigorating, and it transitions well into yoga. Dance workouts always lift my mood, give me energy, and give gorgeous definition everywhere. Pinterest is a never ending source of inspiration! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

CDS said...

I NEEDED this today! Thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Check out the Elena's Pantry blog...she makes grain free a breeze!!!!

xo Kit

ps wore my rikshaw kurta today!

Anonymous said...

***Elana's Pantry...sorry