Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sandal love

 image here

at our photo shoot we had the fabulous tropezienne sandals made by Alain Rondini on our beautiful model..and i am obsessed.
these sandals are made in st. tropez and are only sold there, made by hand and on the fabulous feet of many chic gals (Carla bruni, Kate Moss ect..)
i do like that their distribution is out of there small boutique there...keeps them unique and quite covetable! more on the story here

i think a trip to st. tropez is in order?


CDS said...

Those look like the perfect summer sandal!! :)

Shorely Chic said...

would love me a pair of "St Tropez" exclusives!

Kim said...

simply wonderful sandal!! i would so love a pair!!

Winslett said...

Love these sandals & your new images! Props, styling, models...all picture perfect Rikshaw! Keep up the awesome work missy! I will be ordering myself a fresh new tunic as soon as I decide between all of the fun new colors...decisions, decisions : )