Thursday, May 24, 2012

what i wish i was wearing...

the lovely ladies over at A Piece of Toast blog asked me to participate in their series..

'what i wish i was wearing'

one of the dream items i chose was this necklace...that has gold shark teeth on it..

this was such a fun lil series to shop and not pay any attention to the kind of dream game!

come over and visit!


Natasha Ayers said...

You are so amazingly stylish, what a cool title collection you put together! And the shark's teeth necklace, SO COOL! I think I may have to DIY one for myself!

Unknown said...

I just love it. Now I want one too ... *smile*

Have a great day! u.

CDS said...

Coming right over!

jessarb said...

I think I'm wearing the same little necklace? Is that brooklyn designer Iowna? I did a little blurb on her here:

It's so sweet!