Monday, July 9, 2012

rikshaw at the rivah

as i said in earlier post i grew up going to the river as a kid..dirt roads, cousins, salt water, crabs, learning to drive, sparklers...ummm and heat..LOTS OF humid heat!
the best part about this little slice of my childhood is that not much has changed.
i was so excited to see my entire family decked out in rikshaw--without my prompting 
my cute mom was in a different kurta everyday--so cute...


 pickin crabs

 this would be the biggest hit of our sweltering time at the river...a little modeling session with my brother...he ADORES the boxers loves how leightweight and "airy" they was hilarious.


Nicolle Cannone said...

Your patterns are just awesome! Love em"

Ryland Woodard said...

LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!! Happy 4th!