Saturday, September 8, 2012

fall is near

happy weekend!
these pictures get me excited for fall. 

all i want to do is seek new/interesting pieces for my house but the camo jacket and motorcycle boots may have to be added to the list.
cozy layers and interesting objects (and a furr ball on the floor)

jars and canning i am becoming obsessed. dont have a pantry like this but everything is so much prettier in jars.


Anonymous said...

Ever since I learned about Emerson Farms on your blog I have been obsessed with jars...I know comment less...your blog is still my are my rikshaw kurta's...wishing you the best...

xo Kit

rikshaw design said...

you are so darn sweet! i love hearing from you!
i wish for a jar filled pantry and time to bake and make things from scratch..someday