Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Updated! Our Annual Sample Sale in ON!!!

thanks for purchasing from our sample sale! we are SOLD OUT!
we are ready for our 4th sample sale on bedding & accessories ! We have some goodies for you, remember the holidays are just around the corner! 

Please follow the instructions carefully to eliminate confusion. We are only responding to customers who follow the instructions---its our only way to manage the huge response we get from these sales!

All sample sale items are first come first serve …limited quantities available!!
the issues you can expect from these samples:
*some of the issues are spots, smudges- throw in the wash
*dirty logo tag-snipp it off!
*pattern placement--like you care?
*off for color--still pretty!
*we used for a photo shoot--just wash it, its brand new!

like all samples they aren't perfect..but they still are beautiful and we think you or your babe will still love it right before they dirty it up anyway.

thanks for purchasing from our sample sale! we are SOLD OUT!

taj duvets and shams

lali toddler quilt, taj pink toddler quilt

jaipur crib set, lali crib set

taj crib sets in blue, green, pink
 jaipur standard pillow sham and jaipur stripe crib skirt

jaipur toddler blanket

bombay stripe border crib bedskirt, bombay lime with border crib bedskirt

 lali floral burp sets and diaper pouches

seahorse burp/bib set and fish burp/ bib set