Tuesday, October 2, 2012

pup thoughts

this image makes me want a small pup i can tote around and always have with me on my lap.

 yes i do dress up jumby in halloween costumes and she walks with lots of pride around town.
i think we may go for a wig this year...a statement wig that says "i am cute, funny now give me a treat!"
now this is awesome for anyday..


Carissa said...

We are taking my little guy Rocco to Petsmart this Halloween for the Petsmart Halloween contest. I'm so determined to win!!!! You should totally get a small yorkie! They are great and so cute. :)


Elizabeth said...

that cowboy is the BEST Catherine, how's it going at Rikshaw--holler if you ever need any more help ! :) xo, elizabeth

Maria Stoyanova said...

oh, so sweet