Monday, February 11, 2013

sleep is important

its kind of a big deal, and recently i havent been getting much
my mattress sucks!
i am in a moat (what i like to call it) and have to crawl to the middle to get to a firm part then, i roll back in the its too hot...especially around 5am when jumby jumps on and sleeps between my legs in a ball

they say you spend 30% of your life asleep, and i need a mattress suggestion.
i am not sure why i have held off this purchase, as its one you should put some $$ behind.

please help


Naomi Jacob said...

I don't have any real suggestions but I do feel your pain. My mattress is so lumpy that different parts of my body are higher than others. No baby yet, but with one on the way, it feels like I'm constantly sleepy and mildly achy!

Yum! Those marshmallows look delish! I'm moving to India in 9 days (!) and I've been accumulating a long list of things I want to try making. I think I'll add these :)

Natasha said...

Tempur-pedic. SO worth the investment. My husband and I have had ours since 2004, when we first moved in together. I was recovering from several back and neck injuries after a car accident, and he's always had back issues, so we wanted something very supportive. $1800 was a lot to spend back then on a bed, but it has been amazing. We still talk about how awesome our bed is!

It is still in amazing shape, and has seen us adopt our first cat, first dog, 2 more cats, have me go thru 2 pregnancies, and have 2 babies who both slept on it their first few years... We spend A LOT of time in bed, and having a great one is so important!!! Sleep may very well be my favorite vice, so it's not something I compromise on!

Anonymous said...

I second the Tempur-pedic advice. Besides molding to your body, my favorite thing about these beds is you can't feel your partner tossing and turning (or your pet jumping on the bed). Andrea

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Just run down to SleepTrain in San Rafael. You can test out all of the beds and they do same day delivery and I think they take away your other mattress for free.

Sandi said...

We always bought the top $$$ best of the line in Serta or Sealy mattresses in our 34 yrs of marriage. But within 5 yrs we always developed a moat too! My hubby is 6'5" 285 lb big guy and moats are just going to happen! 3 yrs ago we went big $$$ and got a Tempurpedic....still firm as can be - moatless and I'm having the best sleep I have ever had!

thegoldenoctopus said...

I love my bed! My mattress is a Natura and has an organic latex core wrapped in wool so it's cozy but also won't off-gas chemicals or catch on fire and it regulates body temperature.
I like Keetsa too- I have one in my guest room and Blake them in her guest bedroom. Very comfortable. They have showrooms in Berkeley and in the city on Division.

AnnieMac said...

We love our Tempur-pedic also. I have no doubt that you would be pleased. My Mother just purchased one a couple month's ago, and she is now a fan too.

sam john said...

Those marshmallows look delish! I'm moving to India in 9 days (!) and I've been accumulating a long list of things I want to try making. I think I'll add these :)

Judith MOLONEY said...

Just wondered if you found a good one as I'm about to look now!

rikshaw design said...

Update: we ended up getting a memory foam mattress but its not a tempurpedic it's a Eco version
It's nice not too hot ..liking it!