Friday, March 1, 2013


i am starting this month feeling completely wiped out.

the other day i was waiting in the check out line at the grocery...staring into space, and eves dropping on the ladies conversation in front of really got me thinking.

here's how it went:

lady #1: "i am completely technology free, i have gotten rid of my laptop, no smart phone, i have a real basic cell phone, i cant text....and i feel so free!"

lady #2: "really you dont feel in a panic, or that you are missing something without a cell phone that has total access"

lady #1:  "its like i have stepped back in time"

i had to deal with comcast this week fixing our home internet because its was moving as fast as dial up, my cell phone gets the worst reception, my iphone is slow as molasses and i cant figure out how to clear a ton of photos off, oh and i tripped on the sidewalk as i was texting and walking the dog at the same time and  i think my eyesight is going from staring at screens within a foot of our face (when was the last time you stared out for miles and miles all day long).....all i can think about is that this panic to be FAST, IMMEDIATE, has me with a headache and feeling distracted from just being.

here is a really interesting article i read awhile ago, about having an unplugged home, going on a technology detox, and today is the National day of unpplugging, join the movement here!

can you unplug? 
do you have any tips?


Anonymous said...

No cell phone. An awesome old, red telephone made by General Electric sometime in the 1970s (it is a push button phone, afterall) that always makes me feel good using it. It is never scratchy and I never fade in or out. It's just a good phone. Did I mention that it's red--like one that gets used to phone the president or Moscow on a cool James Bond movie? It has a cool ring because it still has a true metal ringer. Computer with internet at home (not dial-up). No cable. No problems. I read more. Talk to my husband more.
Let everything move past.

Wendy said...

I "unplugged" by "forgetting" my phone on a saturday. It felt LIBERATING!!! Was able to do errands, for the family and for myself with zero texts "when you coming home", "where are you". LOVED IT must do again soon :-)

10022 said...

i am already there!