Tuesday, April 6, 2010

la recap

hi dollies..i've missed you! LAla land was just what the dr ordered..so many fun laughs, giggles, and so much catching up with my glam friend that i 'm exhausted. Church was seriously amazing the music was such a production i thought i was at the oscars, then polo lounge for brunch where i found my prince charming above..topping off the 'bunny hop' cocktails i got some laying out time in the sun and holy hell..i felt EVERY bit of that earthquake!!!seriously the pool started to overflow..(i am ok..thanks for being so concerned)yesterday i had some appts in the beach towns....i was so excited to see Lori from Gum Tree, in old school beach town of Hermosa, an unbelievable space part store/ part cafe..can i move in? i asked..
Lori and her husband and child. He is the chef of the cafe side..adorableness overload..
I could barely concentrate to show her the line I was scoping out many purchases i was about to get..jewelry, candles, books, leather poufs, canvas bags galore, this is a "go-to" stop for a gift...and now rikshaw will be there!
then headed to see Waterleaf in Manhattan beach next (see post here)..drool drool over this textile paradise..so well done and proud the rikshaw bedding is there!

after successful business meetings i went 'window-shopping' down the manhattan beach strip..and bought the Rag+Bone splurge above..from a store called Wrights..seriously i was only gonna get a tank top and ended up with this, but i am gonna wear the hell out of it because its SOOO comfortable!

then a fantastic lunch with the gorgeous Megan Arquette, of Beachbungalow8. She is my new bff. hilarious and gabbed about everything like.. are you Team bethany or Team Jill? (and we are both Team Bethany!we are kindred!) BTW have you checked out her pod casts called the skirted round table interviewing all the home decor fabulous people!

i heart the beach..now back to soo much catch up work! cheerio!


Anonymous said...

I love that dress...also I love your sunglasses...are those raybans? I will spread the word with the moms around here about all of the new clothing you have added to your line:)

rikshaw design said...

yes they are raybans..i love them and got them at martin and osa! thanks for spreading the word!

melissa davis said...

So glad you had a great time!!! ;)