Sunday, June 13, 2010

sunday sentiments do i begin..i guess i will start with the BIGGEST thank you to all the lovely ladies..who welcomed me with open arms to their beautiful beach town...
here is the play by play of my wonderful time..
image by fern&feather (time to cut the ratty locks--dontcha think?)

this was the location of the trunk show..WHA???????COASTAL LIVING..are you hearing me??get there STAT! this is the most beautiful spot..its right on the beach..
i mean RIGHT ON the beach!!
Melissa, of Seagrass interiors, has renovated this gem of a home, i think she said it was Charlie Chaplins home, with impeccable taste! What a back-drop to display all the rikshaw goodies..couldn't have dreamed up a more beautiful spot!
images above by grace
red velvet cupcakes, champagne with blackberries, and pink peonies....this girlie event was ON!
hostesses! Melissa, Grace of Grace happens, me, Alexis of Fern&Feather
here is the crew of lovely, talented, creative ladies..and mostly bloggers who came!
alexis of fern and feather, alexandra of rustic rooster, haydee of happenstance, heather of la feem, kendall of kendall k design, bianca of bink and boo, melissa of seagrass interiors, grace of grace happens, ashley, and andrea....go check out their blogs, most of them did recaps of the night..
it was sooo fun exchanging stories, saying things like "i am the one that made that comment on your post about...." this is why this event was so nice, i found blogger obsessed gals, like me..i did have a few eyebrows raise, at home, when i mentioned that i was going to meet some "blogger friends" that i had never met before and have a trunk show and explore a beach town..seemed perfectly normal to so happy i did...i found my peeps!
cardiff by the sea, encinitas, del mar..these beaches are the prettiest i have ever seen in this big state of CA...the l'auberge del mar was so lovely..and has a great people watching scene at night..alexis, ohh i mean Dorothy draper..i will have a gimlet with you anytime!

thank you all soo much for letting me come and being so kind!


Fern and Feather said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! it was so much fun to spend time with you. I am working on a little road trip in August... I think we may need to make a stop in Mill Valley!!! I can not wait for the next gimlet!!!!


ChampagneMaker said...

Is it me, or does Alexis look like Scarlett Johansson? Cutest group ever. I would die to meet all the gals I follow! love, that green with envy girl again!

rustic rooster interiors said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you! You're awesome! I definitely want to get together again & again & again. I love how we all just got together so easily & had a blast like we were old long lost friends.
This blogger world is amazing to me. I am so excited I found you on Daily Candy posted about you & here we all are today {I like to think in my head that’s what happened}... lol

Can't wait to receive my order... Yaaaaa I'll be waiting by my front door eagerly!
You & your business rock... !! :)

P.S. Thanks for reminding me to talk to everyone about my Green Business!


~Grace Happens~ said...

i totally second that about coastal living!!! just thought i'd throw that in there in case they were reading..haha. what a fun night we had. lots of memories to look back on for sure. can't wait to do it again. we need to at least make it an annual event:) thank you for everything catherine. i still am amazed at how fun this blogging thing is!



Unknown said...

How fabulous to see this post --- even though I'm experiencing it "virtually", I so "get" how you all came together and had the best time!!! Now....I need to make an order! xoxo

bink and boo said...

What a great time we, I, everyone had! Thanks for coming and I hope we can hang again.

Unknown said...

Catherine, it was such a pleasure to meet the fabulous woman behind Rikshaw Design! Not only did I know your brand via the blogosphere, but then I see you in Lonny and then voila, I meet you! Love how that works. Looking forward to representing in my tuxedo kurta:) I'm so excited for you and the wonderful future of Rikshaw! Until next time:)

Joslyn said...

oooh you girlies are so freakin cute!
looks like a fantastic time!

Jennifer Sanderson said...

So cool you that you got to meet other bloggers..I think it's a great community! Hopefully next time. Love your beautiful fabrics and creations. xoJS

Seagrass Interiors said...

I'm the slacker commenter!!!! Catherine - I had a BLAST meeting you! Please come visit again soon!