Friday, August 13, 2010

advice from a caterpillar

as a wholesaler..i get sooo thrilled when i see an exquisite shop like this one,
advice from a caterpillar, which is carrying rikshaw ! this toronto based boutique is run by sisters Elizabeth and Emily Dyer and their mom..after traveling to paris and taking in all the magic of those children's stores they decided t set out and create their own magic in toronto..
its so beautifully merchandised..i think i am gonna have to pack up and check out "oh canada!"


Unknown said...

What a pretty store! I don't have little ones yet, but I'm sure I could do some damage in there for sure. That's great that they are carrying rikshaw!

Michelle Decaris said...

super cute! love the pale pink, mustard and gray color combos on the clothes. have you checked out amelia jane's website? we sell your line too and we love it!!