Tuesday, January 27, 2009

india oh india

my love affair with india has been going on for quite sometime
i think it started when i landed in the middle of the night over that usually hazy(smoggy) sky and the light below is all twinkly like candlelight
then i stepped out of the plane and i thought whats that smell? 
"its india" someone said to me 
there is so much chaos to digest every time i left the premises of where i lodged, that at times a bit overwhelming on all senses
but, then i got to meet the people, the most courteous and hospitable people i have ever met
they are so warm and have such friendly faces 
i love that when you visit the prize taj mahal or Gandhi's museum, there aren't any velvet ropes, you can experience it, you can touch it or walk his last steps with everyone all around you doing the same
i think about those long drives through the brown landscape and see in the distance beautiful fuchsia, lime green, brilliant red and yellow saris blowing in the wind

ohh and i musn't forget the elephants..what a love..

more to come on this affair later..


Anonymous said...

india also touched my heart strings..I loved watching india wake up in the am. delhi was great with all the hustle of everyone on their rikshaws, and the beautiful colors of all the saris,agra incredible, and there is always that wonderful indian light.