Thursday, May 14, 2009

best of : hostess gifts

tis the season to crash at your friends house, because you want to visit and its right on the beach!! ready or not here i come...
best of : hostess gifts, tokens of your appreciation for the free lodging.

image from here
 beautiful block printed set of cotton napkins from the equisite Les Indiennes, my favorite are the ones with the fringe!

i just bought a bunch of these at a fair recently..dabney lee's chunky notepad with all the pages printed in fun designs and you can personalize it with the friends initial ect..she also has recipe cards, lucite trays, playing cards..
don't forget who rules most houses, lilly pulitzer printed dog collars from my mascot, calling all prepster dogs!!

 a great coffee table book, look around their house and see what they are some fun summer ones
personalized wooden ice cream sweet and original! pair it up with some gift certificates at the local ice cream spot!
summer has landed..the smell of the excursion series archipelago candles are amazing..i am in love with charleston beacause it smells like hyacinth, jasmine, and tuberose..i could eat it!

matta sarongs..everyone should have a few, they are great to throw on your body, on a picnic table or as a towel at the the beaded edges!

can i just say i have been working on this post for awhile and i own the elephant bottle opener from this picture-of course..and just yesterday one of my fav blogs (cup of jo) posted about this! she beat me to it..but these are a for sure, can't mess up-- perfect gift!

the flip camcorder, sort of splurgie..but what a great present to leave at someones beach house for them to video fun beach moments and download so easily to their computer! will post my videos soon of jumby doing her tricks!