Saturday, May 23, 2009

summer thoughts

image here
i guess summer is "officially" here, i have been celebrating it earlier this year for some reason..i had to post the image above, it so reminds me of me. i was the kid with the goggles, that would dive for pennies, sink under everyone and swim by them like some sort of weird eel, and go touch the drain, get freaked out and hurry up to the top so i wasn't sucked in by some scary monster.
the best story was when my mom would come searching for me to go home and i would literally sit on the bottom of the pool looking up at her, in her shift dress and her dr.scholls, pointing at me to get out of the pool, it would take awhile but i would finally have to come up for air, all pruned skinned and water logged..good wonder i am an aquarius.


ryland Woodard said...

that is not the only thing you would do...very fun memories

rikshaw design said...

scared to think what you are remembering..