Friday, October 23, 2009

happy fall weekend!

this weekend, i am going to try and find an organic apple picking farm to head to this weekend and come home and make home-made apple sauce..
then i am going to attempt to nibble something interesting in my yummy crisp apple..isn't this amazing!
got apples on the brain it started with my new apple i am on to the real thing..
have a splendid one!


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Enjoy the weekend! Homemade apple sauce sounds delish! I think you're brave to have lasted 3 months in the situation you described. I hate to be sissy, but I REALLY don't do well with rodents. Of course to live in my little hole in the wall I was spending practically my entire paycheck on rent. Oh to be young and poor in New York... I think everyone ought to experience it though : )
XXX Kate