Monday, November 23, 2009

my guests: Holly & Hadley from Tada!Shop

We are so honored to be guest editors on Rikshaw! As we get ready to launch a new children's shopping site, we have shopping for kids on our minds! As the mom of three boys (Holly) and the mom of three girls (Hadley), here are our top five for each!


" I love adding interesting blocks to a child's collection. These are very dimensional so they can focus on the inside and outside of structures. Colorful too."

" These Lucky Fish tees are a favorite of mine and my boys. A great gift."

Kids love making videos and good for fueling their creative, self expressive spirits.

" Boys can get really excited about a book when it is on a topic they love, like sports. This new pop-up book by Sports Illustrated seems like a sure hit."

"This cardboard teepee is a perfect gift, or splurge for a real one."


I love this shirt because it can be dressed up but also worn to school. I feel like any girl would love this shirt!

My 2-year-old daughter just got the bee version for her birthday and she LOVES it! I hadn't seen the mouse, otherwise that would have been my pick!

Every product Atsuyo et Akiko makes is amazing! I loved this key necklace with the little pompom!

Now she will really learn her ABCs! A book that weaves the alphabet into fashion history! The illustrations are incredible.

My girls two favorite activities are to color and to play with little figures/dolls. This combines them! Color the figures and then set them on their stands to play with for hours!

thanks so much Holly and Hadley! These gals have got an eye for what your children would want, while making you happy at the same time. Tadashop will launch real soon, it will be THE one-stop place to go and search for all perfect products for your babies & kids. Here become a fan on their facebook page and you will get notified when they launch their site!


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Ummmm would it be strange if I buy When Royals Wore Ruffles for myself?! It looks adorable. My fiance and I actually have this dorky tradition where we surprise one another with our favorite childhood books as gifts. We already have Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, etc. in our collection. A bit weird, but someday our children will appreciate them...right?
XXX Kate

Paige Appel said...

great picks, i love the holiday guides.