Sunday, December 13, 2009

sunday scentiments

well the movie julie&julia is "the butter to my bread" the sweetest words to really says it all. This movie is so delightful because i love food & eating & i love to blog. Sometimes when i write ..i feel like Julie did in the movie "is anyone out there?anyone" but most of the time i just love to put out in this big blogosphere my ramblings, photos about this and that, and if they reach anyones eyes i am happy..i am not going to pretend i am this great writer, so i will keep it simple with a big buttery thanks to all of you who visit..sweet dreams!

above images from sunday suppers, i want to entertain like they do..simple


Angela said...

I just watched that movie this weekend and LOVED it!!

terra said...

I watched julie&jula over the weekend too! loved it; so inspiring. Although, I was hoping it would inspire me to want to cook, and *sigh* did not.