Sunday, January 3, 2010

sunday sentiments

image of penelope
hello lovelies..
has anyone noticed my little trend i do called "sunday sentiments", its my regular re-occurring post about my sunday thoughts..earlier i said..i wasn't gonna do any lists for my new year....i am sort of borrowing from lists i have read..
my friend sarah, has my fav list out there. She is such a creative gal and her precious pup penelope is such a love, i could die! is her list on her fab blog..

some of my favorite things she mentioned were:
-make a big soup on sundays for the week of lunches, to save on trips to the grocery and $: i am so gonna do this!!!i love soup for lunch and i hate dropping $10 on lunch..great call
-we are both in sync with the hand-written notes..and i loved how she said she wants to keep her local post office in business, sweet. i wish my postal workers were a little nicer.
-dress up! i had this on my last years list and will continue..and being such a girl...i have loved doing this. its easy when you work for yourself to stay in your robe most of the morning then throw on yoga pants..i have loved wearing dresses and tights this winter..and some necklaces always make you feel special.
-blog 5x a day, which i am excited about b/c i love her blog..but i am good at blogging just about everyday..SO i am gonna say with LOTS of hesitation to be ACTIVE physically 5x a week! that means classes, cardio, get a sweat in..arrgghh i kind of hated writing that..but i gotta do it!
-read...i have already started this, during my travels, and with no good bravo shows on the tube..what else is there to do ;). my family are all a bunch of readers and i have been the black sheep in this regard, but i am loving getting all snuggled into a good book, with jumby snoring at my feet. right now i am reading Cleaving, the follow up to julie and julia..pretty good. i have 3 cups of tea up next..would love more suggestions!
-her last one is called "its personal" and i am gonna steal that one too..i have a few things on the personal front that i don't want to share, just yet.. but have every intention of taking care of in 2010!


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Love all of these. You can't go wrong. Let us know if you find a good book!
XX Kate
P.S. Could her pup be any freaking cuter?

Sarah said...

You are too sweet... I am so happy to share my New Year's intentions. Now, I just hope I can live up to them!
"Three Cups of Tea" is on my nightstand too, followed by the new Jeannette Walls.