Monday, March 8, 2010

my oscar pics

yipppeee for hurt locker! i was rooting for it the whole time and the screenwriter was soo cute and sensitive.
ok the best part of last night was the hilarious banter in twitter land!
plus i laughed out loud at the sleeping sequence when steve martin got out of bed and stared at alec..that was classic!

here are my pics for best gowns of the evening.. In order of favorite!!

jaw dropped when i saw Rachel Mcadams in a Elie Saab, flowey print, it almost looks tie-dye.. her hair, jewelry then she came out to present with Jake...swoon..

Carrie Mulligan, is like a little twiggy meets audrey hepburn..sweet face and hair with a Prada Dress..still haven't seen An Education so excited!
Miss Maggie rockin an edgie Dries Van Noten, she pulled it off plus you can't see in this picture but her lips were fuschia pink..she is fashion forward in a soft way. love her!

honorable mentions:

ok seriously, Demi Moore's body is ridiculous in this Atelier Versace..the shoes take this to such a hollywood level!

i can't believe Miley Cyrus is on my list..but her Jenny Packham dress was a stunner on her, and her hair was perfection..she needs to tell her mother to stay off the carpet showing off her angel wing tatoos..really was hard to swallow..w.t.
fantastic looking couple! Colin Firth and his wife, Livi Giuggioli, in the best accessory of the night a feathery clutch!

who were your fav's??


Sarah said...

agree on all counts...
ESPECIALLY Miley's mother. WOW. scary.
but i just couldn't put her on my list. it hurt my soul.
glad her designer got the credit from you, though!

Cardigans and Couture said...

I thought Cameron Diaz looked fabulous in Oscar de la Renta. I also can't help but liking Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham. Her waist looked so so tiny!

Sadie said...

my best dressed was tom ford. he is oh so dreamy.

Cardigans and Couture said...

I totally agree. Tom Ford looked dashing as always.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I love Maggie---I don't care what people say, she totally pulled that dress off! When I lived in Switzerland I cut my hair boy short just like hers in the Miu Miu ads---she's so freaking cute. XO

rikshaw design said...

wow! i have had many friends disagree with my picks but won't write a comment! they think i am crazy with the miley call and the demi..ohh well "a card laid is a card played"

a lovely being said...

You have to see An Education! I just saw it tonight and LOVED it (the clothes are to die for). I'm in the same boat as you-- I can't believe how good Miley Cyrus looked. And Rachel McAdams is almost always my favorite (I just love her).
XOXO fallon

jen jafarzadeh said...

Rachel's was my favorite dress too! so gorgeous and I like how it was different. it looked amazing on her, though I have to admit I prefer her as a brunette.