Tuesday, March 9, 2010

rikshaw clothing sneek peek

introducing Rikshaw's clothing line for your lil boho babes!

all images by ericka mcconnell

I got my hands on 4000 images (no joke) and as I pour through them with squeal after squeal I had to share...now you can see all the babies i gave birth too!! j/k..actually i almost packed a few in a bag to borrow for a little bit!
these lil babes brought my little dream to life in such adorableness..they all had a certain something that made my heart soar..
kurtas, sunhats, bloomers, babysacks for all..all available online wednesday (fingers crossed!)


Sarah said...

oh. my.

wednesday can't come soon enough.
well done!!!

ericka mcConnell said...

insanely cute. I love seeing your incredible fabrics in small clothes on babies bodies.. I am so glad you are making them for mamas too.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I want a baby. No, seriously just so I can dress them in Rikshaw. I'm doing a big post on Wednesday when you get this all officially for sale!!! XO

Jennifer said...

SO Cute! If Atomic Garden isn't selling the line I'm SOOOOOOOO interested! I still want to see the women's line. Lets talk!

carolina postcard said...

Yay! These are right up my alley. Can't wait to wrap my future bambino in these little numbers.

Jenny said...

wonderful! So thrilled for you! They are going to do great! I will spread the word "down here"!

casey said...


Sarah said...

AMAZING!!! Any new bedding designs?

Pink Wallpaper said...

OMG, sooo cute! makes me want another little girl to put it on!!