Wednesday, April 14, 2010 take on it

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lady gaga thanks for your visual creativity in all your presentations & music-- especially the song "fame" i literally can't sit still when it plays!
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ok we all just about died when we heard the news about Jesse..especially after Sandra teared up on the Oscars and said "thanks for having my back"...anyway i try to keep my personal comments to myself on celebrity..but i do have something to say about this incident.."HEY MEDIA...stop reporting on this its not news, there is nothing to say, and its completely insensitive to someone who has literally been blind sided.." done 'nough said.
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you love her.. you hate kind of don't believe she can be that playful in real life line in all these pictures..but lets just all agree she is a stunner ...(pls gain a few lbs.)
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this picture is old of mary kate..but i love her style here, hair color and jewelry..
whatever is going on in your marriage i don't look amazing here Katie..yes I said Katie..not Kate..

and lastly..where are you Gwenyth? winona ryder? i miss you and the days when you were bff's..


a lovely being said...

Gwyneth and Winona used to be best friends?! I can't picture it. I miss Gwyneth, too. No one else can do it quite like she did, don't you think? Gwen, come back to the red carpet!
I heart Lady Gaga's pink hair. I'm completely obsessed with her :)

XOXO fallon

rikshaw design said...

ohh fallon..are you that young?! golly i am such an old lady..they were bff's when gwen dated Ben and Winona dated Matt..

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Matt Damon is my ultimate crush. Good Will Hunting---obsessed. And I love Winona. She's always been a fav... I miss her too. xo

Amanda Teal said...

You aren't old...I remember when they dated Matt and Ben. Or maybe that makes me old. Either way, you aren't alone!

paula said...

I still call her Katie too:) and yes I remember their times of being friends. Maybe we are old?

Lauren said...

Seriously, Winona was the best! I know she had some shop-lifting issues but I would LOVE to see her make a comeback.