Tuesday, April 13, 2010

girl crush

listening to katie herzig non-stop her Nashville voice is so original and lyrics that i want to skip down the street too

"you could be my white knight,
i could be your fairytale..
you could come and save me
but that is not the end,
i would wear a white dress
and you would paint the sunset
life would be a love fest
thats how it all begins..."

forevermore..stay for the end and they chime the trumpets...
image from here


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

We listened to her on the way to DC! We were actually listening to the Pandora radio app on John's phone and one of her songs came on and I looked to see who it was because the song was SO good. xoxo

paula said...

Love her!

Blog said...

she opened for brandi carlile at the wiltern (first time i ever heard her) - absolutely amazing!

dz_g said...

Love her! She opened up for Griffin House in Seattle and was awesome (and too cute for words).