Friday, April 30, 2010

i'm spent!

image here

hey folks..
i don't know if it was the day when everything posted at once or what...but i am tapped out..
i am creating a series with some fabuuuulous bloggers starting next week..
i love how we all pull together and help eachother out when we are fried..i need to have sometime next week to
re-charge! before the madness of women's kurtas launch (mid-may!!!)!

happy weekend!


Unknown said...

Looking forward to those Kurtas! Go recharge so you can bring them to NY!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Loooove this image. Go relax. Next week is going to be fun! xoxoxo

Lindsay said...

Rest up! I'm excited for the week ahead! xx

carissa said...

I can't wait for the women's kurtas, you have no idea.

My Dream Canvas said...

Just discovered your website. Love your stuff. Do drop by my blog at Take care Anu!