Friday, April 30, 2010

new series..what would you do?

image from here

starting a new series on the blog on Monday...this is the jist..
i have been feelin creatively tapped out, in a blog tired rut..SO i asked some of my lovely, fabulous, chic, talented, creative blogger friends to help contribute to the blog..

the question that was asked was...if you had Rikshaw indian block printed fabric what would you do with it? whats missing? whats fabulous? whats needs to be in the line?
basically.... whats next?

i figure..mine as well get what people what they want in the line while i have their love..right?

the responses are sooo cool..check out each and every day for these gals to rock out their inner boho designer and help give me a break!

i hope you enjoy, i sure am...xox


Meg Galligan said...

I love this idea! I have my udaipur elephant pillow and am loving it. I can only imagine all the fun things to do with fabric!

Angelica said...

can't wait!

Chatters said...


kate said...

cosmetic bags!!...a nice big one for all of my shampoo and stuff. i'm still waiting for stuff to be instock. my little lady is currently in a naked nursery. i'm so excited, i can't wait!