Sunday, May 16, 2010

decision dilemma

please help!..
i have the gladiator sandal thing covered in my i am really wanting the stacked wooden sandal heel thing for jeans, sundresses, going out, lengthening my legs (so i look skinnier)..which ones should i get ? for some reason i cannot make up my i missing any out these price points?

from jcrew
love the simplicity..not sure i want the open toe..
really nice and could be great for fall
both from tory burch
love the color not sure about the gold buckle
from swedish hasbeens
i have tried these on at is the deal, they are amazing..but will have to get broken in..very stiff and worried about the lightness of the color, could stain easily

or do i go cork? ahh jeeze..can't decide!


Anonymous said...

Love the Tory Burch with the gold buckle!! Looks like it has a wooden wedge heel. I have a pair with a wooden wedge heel too and mine make a loud clip clop sound when I walk in them! I really like the airiness & light feel of the cork wedge!!

walrus studio said...

I ♥ the tory burch with the gold buckle (both actually) it's the most contemporary (don't want to get too 70's)

lilla.u said...

Being from Sweden I have a pair of the swedish hasbeens {of course} and like them but the wood get very easily damaged and you have to treat them very well. If you are worried about the light colour why not take the silver ones - they are so fab!

I really liked the jcrew ones. Maybe cause I cannot get them here ... hahah!

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I like the cork ones - good luck with your choice!

Champagne/StitchPoet said...

I'm right there with ya! Seeking the same shoe. I have these old Burberry Clogs that I wore to the absolute grave. I can't wear them in public anymore. I just ordered, and they are sitting on the dryer waiting UPS return, the MIA ones from Need Supply...I went for the lure of the price tag, but learned my lesson...I now have to pay shipping to send them back. So disappointed. I want a closed toe to wear into the fall...Let us know what you get...It's driving me crazy...I'm a second away from ordering the Calypso ones...but now it sounds like they'd give me a blister...ughhhh

everyday inspirations said...

Definitely the second pair - LOVE those! You could get away with them in spring, summer and fall - cute with a pair of tights, jeans or dressed up/dressed down. Love them all, but really loving the second pair. Good luck with your choice and have fun! - catherine s.

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love the third pair by TB... but also love the last pair- the cork wedge!

carrie said...

the jcrew cork and tan tory burch are my favs from this bunch!

bluehydrangea said...

Love your picks! I ordered some Hasbeens almost like yours but with an open toe and six weeks later I am still waiting. I am losing interest. Maybe I should try to J Crew it!

Cristin said...

love the ones from Tory.


LizzieColeman said...

first pair or last pair, none in between! xo.