Monday, May 17, 2010

spring re-do

whats gotten into me lately?..i am itching to re-do body (hiring a trainer), my hair (post to come) and now my house..
I live and do a ton of my business in my house..and everything is needing a clean up and uplift!
these shots from Julie, of the blog and design firm Shelter, have done me in..clean refreshing, and a great mix of old and new.
the good sign is i have some good stuff to work with it just needs to be pulled together!!


Blueprint Bliss said...

I'm right there w/ you. I work out of my house and am here all of the time- and right now I'm wanting a change. Maybe I should just sit tight and know that this little one that is due any day now will be a big enough change! :)

Love Julie's home... it's so great.

LizzieColeman said...

Approve approve approve! Yay self-reinvention