Monday, May 3, 2010

what's next? with howard daughters

liz,of howard daughters, in Austin texas and I go back..her sis and I are old friends from days when she lived here in SF (sad she's not here anymore)... anyway these two adorable sisters from New Orleans took there experiances working at Chez panisse and Tartine bakery--YES tartine yummness bakery-- and have ventured off into catering events with their bike (how cute!) filled of organic ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, candies and cookies mouth is watering..check out there website here, but are liz's suggestions for rikshaw:

Austin, Texas is hot. That's why I spend my days at Barton Springs- a natural spring fed pool less than a mile from my home that is 68 degrees and cools your core faster than you can say "boy howdy!" coincidently, it is also the best cure for all the margaritas and lone stars I might have had the night before.
check it out, it is the reason i moved here:

image here

After a quick dip, I like to retreat to the grass ( a rikshaw towel or big sarong to lie on?) and soak up the sun. I do wear sunscreen on my face but what about protecting my hair; we are in Texas after all. I'd love a rikshaw hair scarf (or doo-rag as we used to call them) maybe in lali fabric- i am a sucker for pink. This could make lying in the grass with a couple hundred hippies seem chic.

image here

that beach looks nice and cool tatt, she'd fit right in at the springs.

and last but not least, i will be training for my first triathlon this summer and i get really tired of lookin like a sport-o all the time, i am going to use this same swath of pretty fabric to girl up and keep my hair out of my eyes- a la mcconaughey.

image here
see you on the trail boys!