Thursday, July 29, 2010

my muse for fall

image by kate powers

i want to stay "present" as they say and still love this summer season...but i ran across this photograph..and that's it for me..i love her look for fall..sortta granny chic, which is rightup my alley..lets just notice the deets:
-tweed pumps with orange toe cap (does anyone know who makes these?)
-silk blouse under a sweater
-lotsa bracelets fun mixed with granny chains
-puffy fancy skirt
-corally red nails
-and can we talk about the hair..a bit of a buffante..(much better and chic-er than the snookie boufante!)


Anonymous said...

I will love to see your version of this look! The shoes are Chanel Spring/Summer 2010...I know this because of the clogs...have you seen the clogs??? xo Kit

Kyle said...

I love everything about that look. I want the skirt most of all!

erin / dfm said...

yes! i looooove her!!! great muse. :)

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

This look is perfect! I just really love everything about it especially the yummy sweater.

La Feem said...

She is lovely!

sharon said...

This is a great picture. How I would love to have those legs!

paula said...

ah yes, complete perfection. wonder if i could pull off a buffante.

Mrs. Kristen Faber said...

funny! Kate Powers is a friend of ours. Her work is amazing!

Sarah said...

love love love!
(specifically, the sweatshirt over the silk)

ahhhh, fall ...