Monday, October 4, 2010

fall is here

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its fall and it feels like layers, warm drinks, and a good book..the seasons really affect me, i am not ordinarily a big reader but when it gets cold outside it makes me want to cuddle in blanket and be quiet..i am reading girls guide to hunting and fishing (never read it), and its making me laugh..would love some other recommendations?
i also want to cook more, love a fall harvest meal full of root veggies or a big pot of homemade soup..

do you change seasonally like me?


Anonymous said...

Love the Season change!!! I am putting out my pumpkins and cornstalks tomorrow...along with some very creepy ghouls (sure to make Grady squeal when he gets home from school!) And today I made a huge pot of split pea soup and a crumb cake...Apple picking this weekend...Happy Fall everyone!!!

xo Kit

Heather said...

i love autumn. fires in the fireplace, hot starbucks in hand, and a cozy blanket! perfect. great post. love the first photo

rikshaw design said...

it..can i come over for dinner and dessert!
gotta love a cracklin fireplace!!

Happenstance said...

Absolutely! And it kicks in as soon as all of our September family birthdays (there are a lot of 'em!) are done which is now for me:) My gears have officially shifted to halloween and pumpkin spice latte's from SB's.

Fern and Feather said...

I love the fall too!!! boots, stews, butternut squash... it is all divine.

Susu said...

I love to change with the now that Fall is here, I change my china, put warmer rugs down, put darker pillows out, put a lot of apples around,..just making my home seem warmer and cozier.

rikshaw design said... where do you think i get my seasonal need to change from?? peas in a and me!

Pretty Mommy said... picking, oktoberfests, fall colors - if it only didn't mean winter was just around the corner I would love Fall so much more ;)

Estelle said...

Stop by my blog today. I have a root veggie soup posted that is amazing. Such good fall comfort food.