Monday, November 29, 2010

little elves

hopefully you are all signed up on the rikshaw mailing list?! if you are, you received an email this morning to use the coupon code 'jolly' through dec 7th for 25% off your order!
shop for the little elves in your lives!!


coolkids said...

love this picture!

quintessence said...

What an adorable shot!! And love the high chair as well!

Amanda Teal said...

I'm dying over that image!!! I want to squeeze those cheekies!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute photo!:) Love. I have a nephew coming in a few weeks so I will be doing some Rikshaw shopping!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo's!!! Rickshaw is just the cutest!

xo Kit

ps Have you seen the Elephant tote bags at Banana R?????? Thought of you.