Tuesday, February 8, 2011

island style

just some island style essentials that are necessary to feel chill

cute bikini..i like this hawaiian retro style one from here

this saved my hair in the humidity..actually i use it everyday, but smooths up the frizziness
available here

i adore my sarong from Matta..i wear it as a minidress and tie it like a halter behind my neck if that makes any sense..plus the little beads are an added cute detail..
i am not usually into jack rogers sandals..but these have a 'boho-ness" i love..
can't go to any island destination without your rikshaw Kurta! this one will be available on the website in the next week!

love love this african bead jewelry found at my fav...calypso


Anonymous said...

Where did you find those Jack Rogers? I love them!

Amanda Teal said...

Buck and are going to Hawaii the end of May...I need to stock up on Rikshaw sundresses and kurta's! I'll be 7 months prego then...do you have any that big!?

jill said...

Hey - I'm inspired to start packing!
Where are the Jack Rogers from?