Friday, April 1, 2011


i want to be careful not to jinx this INSANE weather we just received..high 70's to 80's!!
i am gonna soak it up all weekend long while its here!

have a fantastic weekend!


jboogribs said...

LOVE it! yes its 65 and sunny here in Charlotte, NC. Hoping it stays that way (it was pouring rain and 45 all week) PLUS, the laundry isnt going anywhere ;)

Linn said...

GASP! No more baby sacks??? Last summer my newborn lived in them and they stayed so cool, looked fabulous, and were so wonderfully constructed. Please tell us you'll bring them back!!!

Linnea said...

Here it is foggy and 5C, brrrrr, lucky you! I'm overcompensating with Mozart piano concertos.