Monday, June 20, 2011

scent project

john robshaw
tory burch (smells like her stores)
i wonder if the Dash scent by the kardashians smells like money?

i want Rikshaw to have a scent! is that weird? I am just endlessly not ever sold on any candles i could be an $85 candle that burns black or a $19 candle that smells like a cheap bottle of coppertone..
this may have to be my next little project..i think it would be such fun to sniff out the prettiest scent that burns well with no headache..

what would your scent be?


Keenan said...

You need to check out Creed's Virgin Island Water....the smell makes me think of Rikshaw! huge perfume fan here and can never decide which one I love best, so i just have a big collection!

CDS said...

I have the Tory candles at home. My scent would be gardenia with a dash of lemon.xoxo

Grace Happens said...

the only candles i burn are teds shreds. the scent is beach perfection!

Ryland Woodard said...

I think you should TOTALLY do a candle- my favorite candles are the Manuel Canovas Palas D'Ete and Opus Incertum...they smell AMAZING and the scent lasts forever.

Anonymous said...

In my mind a rikshaw candle would smell like the beach, with a splash of coconut and maybe some fabulous exotic flower from India. Clearly if there is a candle there must be a perfume!

xo Kit

Claire Gibson King said...

If you could make a sent that smells like Hawaiian Tropics 15 I would buy everything right up. I think that is a wonderful project!!!