Monday, November 21, 2011

joan of arctic

color- shale
color- oxford tan
color- taffy
color: husk

excited to be buying some cozy Sorel Joan of Arctic boots this hunter boots didn't cut it in the tahoe snow last year..these are functional, fuzzy and adorable in my opinion!

which color do you love?

i can't decide?!


kFr said...

I have the tan and adore them! Had them 2 years and they look new. Tahoe winters are the best! 6" yesterday already!

Natasha Ayers said...

Husk!!! So pretty! I kinda love them all, though.

Aura said...

I have the second ones and they're great! Really comfy for how heavy-duty and durable they are.

EMILY said...

Um. I love these. In fact, this post just inspired me to buy a pair for Tahoe! x

Designwali said...

i like shale....oooh maybe i should get some for my canadian winters.

Colleen Clark said...

Hey there - I love these and bought a pair last year but had to return them because they're INSANELY uncomfortable. as in, open blisters within three blocks uncomfortable. totally broke my heart. but just want to warn you to only buy from a site that allows free returns. hopefully they'll do better for you though!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased these in Shale. I hope they don't break my feet like they did for some O_o