Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday sentiments

pretty recently my sunday's have been filled with a new houses.
it is a fun and exciting process filled with dreamy tear sheets and high hopes. usually these day dreams are crushed when you actually get to go look at the dumps going for over a million...welcome to california! nonetheless...i do love walking in a fixer and saying things like "blow this wall out, open up this view, grow a veggie garden here, chicken coop here, and hot tub with a view here.."

stay tuned...

p.s. have any of you noticed how amazing Brad Goreski's house is in the show Its a Brad Brad World?


Carissa said...

I know how you feel! When I bought my first home it was a definite fixer upper. I love making a home my own though and tailoring it to my tastes. Keep us posted on what you find!


Libby B said...

Oh yes- love Brad's home! I can only imagine what adorable California bungalows you are looking at...can't wait to see more!