Friday, November 20, 2009

my guest: Melissa of Ruby Press

When Catherine asked me to contribute to this Guest Blogging series I was so excited because I love holiday shopping. I start thinking about what gifts I'm going to buy as early as October and even plan out the gift wrap {which I think is just as important!}.

These are a few things I think I might be buying for friends or family {or I must admit, greedily hoping to find under the tree for myself!} addition to all of the chic treats I'm ordering from
our clients, of course!!

No. 1 A box of caramels from Ciara Dolce. Isn't the packaging divine??




No. 2 Diptyque's new solid parfume, in Philosykos {fig}, which is just about the chicest little thing I've seen in a long time!

No. 3 I think Tail of the Yak's antique jewelry section is so well-edited that no matter what you come away with, it will be timeless and chic. {You'll find many amazing Georgian and Victorian pieces, my favorites eras for antique jewelry!}


No. 4 Of course anything from John Derian...


No. 5 Astier de Villatte's Eau de Cologne combines verbena, lavendar, rosemary and basil and has the most stylish packaging to boot!


Happy Holidays!!

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thank you melissa! i am such a sucker for dyptique! love that solid perfume idea..your so chic! thanks for participating!


terra said...

i love all of these ideas--especially diptyque's new solid perfume! may have to pick one up over the weekend!

Unknown said...

Genius holiday gifting picks. Thanks for the post!


the NEO-traditionalist said...

The Diptyque solid perfume is my new obsession! Thanks to Melissa for the introduction. I used to stop in their boutique all the time when I worked on Maiden Lane...the bright avocado green walls are to die for and it always smells divine... I wish I had a little Baies candle for when I'm on the road like tonight.

melissa davis said...

Oh, so glad you guys like!! ;) Happy Holidays!! xx

Liz Powers said...

Love solid perfume. Will def have to check it out...