Friday, March 26, 2010

friday ramblings

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well i thought i was going to be slammed and buried in boxes this weekend but looks like customs likes to be a pain in the my weekend has really opened up..
here is my weekend list:

1- today i will be meeting this guy..his work is unbelievable and i am excited to hear what he has to say about his latest line..check out the new Souk store on his website..very cool finds from his travels around the world...(how adorable is he btw..?)

2-planting my excuses gonna make a day of getting real dirty and ending on a glass of vino in the sunshine..
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3-yoga..i am writing this cause i have been so bad lately about going, and writing on my blog makes me accountable
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4-movie..i still haven't seen An Education, Crazy Heart, or Alice in Wonderland..
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5-need to cook + store food..i am really annoyed by my 3x a week trips to whole foods..its lazy and $$$. I want to make some food and squirrel it away for all my weeks meals.
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6-going to iron some linens i have in a will be cathartic and immediate gratification..and i want these napkins soo bad
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7- lastly take bessie out for a spin or 2

whats on tap for your weekend?


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ummm you're meeting John Robshaw today?! Whaaaat? Love him. You're his female counterpart, seriously. Wish I were there to help you garden (not that I know how...) and drink vino (that I do quite well!). XOXO

LizzieColeman said...

um, he is CUTE!!! cute cute cute. details please.

la la Lovely said...

I so want to ride your bike!!!!! And wish I lived in the sunshine and had some fun places to ride it too!
ps- you know i have skiperdee the turtle but I couldn't find him :(

Fern and Feather said...

oh I want those napkins so badly too.

I am so excited for a wedding filled weekend for one of my dearest friends. I just cannot wait to see all of the handmade touches and especially cannot wait for the after party at our local watering hole. FUN!

Unknown said...

Your weekend plans all sound so ideal! You even make ironing sound did you do THAT?

rikshaw design said...

Zhush..i figure if i make it sound appealing and show a pretty picture it will actually inspire me to do it!!!including the exercise part!

Sarah said...

CLEARLY i have been out of the loop for WAY.TOO. LONG.
(dying here)
details needed.
and you are too cute on your bike.
and i am sending you a few fab recipes.