Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday sentiments

image from here

well, its been so springy and sunny in the pretty Bay area! i love this shot of a san francisco sunny house by sfgirlbythe bay..can't wait to purchase some of her photographs for my office..
i did get to the garden bonanza store and everything is ready to tackle tomorrow, so the planting to-do will get dealt with..and i am gonna try and cook + yoga today..but i may just get to riding bessie..

enjoy your slow sunday..


Amanda said...

I love her photos. They really capture the charm of SF.

I have followed Rickshaw for awhile but just found your blog and twitter. I love it! Are you in SF too? I saw that you went and met Mr. Robshaw on did I. At Summerhouse? Small world!

xx Amanda

rikshaw design said...

Amanda, yes we must meet! i was at summerhouse..

Amanda said...

Would love to! Isn't all this blogging and twittering fun!? I have met so many amazing people because of it. My email is: Let me know if/when you want to meet up. Have you seen the Cartier exhibit yet?

xx Amanda

le @ whoopwhoop said...

love that cool minty green - just a delight - best le

lilla.u said...

Hi there,
Your Rikshaw designs are gorgeous! Can I buy them somewhere in Sweden? I must say your blog is great ... so many fab ideas. Have a good day!