Thursday, March 25, 2010

not fade away

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thanks tory..for telling me about the New Yorks Historical Society having an exhibition on the Grateful dead...yes i would be checking this out if in the area..see more

i remember when i went to RKF stadium for one of their last shows..the parking lot was more fun than the show (kinda) eating grilled cheeses and watching hackie sackers..none the less the Deads music is timeless..
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i kind of want to go hit up Haight street and hang out now..
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time to play some Dead and work and maybe noodle ;)


carolina postcard said...

Love this and wish I could check out the exhibit. I listen to the Dead on Pandora sometimes and it takes me right on back to college days of noodling around at Widespread shows. Ha! Those were the days. Happy weekend!

rikshaw design said...

i was a widespread 'groupie' myself !