Thursday, May 6, 2010

what's next? with Going Starfishing

sarah, from going starfishing & her amazing organic childrens line Sarah Waldo Organics, and I became fast friends at a trade show we did in NY..Sarah is a breath of fresh air...literally..down to earth and has an adorable sense of design for the little ones..take a gander at her suggestions for Rikshaw:

it is such an honor to be asked by catherine to not only guest-post, but for my opinion on where she should go with her fabulous rikshaw line next!
someday, i hope to have babes to swaddle in rikshaw... night AND day!
how about:
easy, breezy, adjustable...will last years
i'll even take one in MY size!

my absolute FAVORITE piece of clothing when i was a child
was a reversible, quilted cotton jacket from laura ashley.
turn those AMAZING quilts into one of these!

can be worn with a bloomer
or on it's own
super sweet.
we can't let the little ones have all the fun...
shower curtains?
pretty please?
with layers of pom pom trim!
(i think Oprah needs this for her hawaii home)
penelope is giving me those sad eyes...


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

SO cute! I love you and Sarah both---I think a collaboration needs to happen here : )


mom said...

love love love the ideas - I will take one of each

Champagne/StitchPoet said...

Oh gracious, these illustrations are priceless! I hope she's sending you the originals! Priceless!

rikshaw design said...

great call champagne! and that pup penelope needs to play with jumbs..

c and m said...

love the girl dresses! I'm sure you have been to anokhi, in jaipur - they have some *adorable* baby/kids clothes, lots of inspiration there! :)

Smitten Design said...

I love the collar idea. If you make those can you please make them with a metal clip and not the plastic? My 80 lb dog would rip through plastic.

Pink Wallpaper said...

i mean, how adorable are her drawings?? love her ideas!