Wednesday, May 5, 2010

what's next? with Starfish & Sundresses

Lindsay's blog, Starfish and Sundresses, is about her daily obsessions, little luxuries as she navigates through this stylish world..its a very happy are her suggestions for rikshaw:

Hi Rikshaw readers! I'm so excited (and flattered) that Catherine asked me to participate in this fun series! I'm a huge fan of her gorgeous fabric and I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the 2 and under set that gets to enjoy it. I can think of a million different ways I'd want to use her fabric but don't worry, today I'll just share two.

1. Pajamas:
I got to thinking, what would boho beauties wear when they're tired of galavanting around looking effortlessly chic and carefree? Pajamas made out of Rikshaw Design's amazing block printed fabric of course! Even boho babes need a little beauty sleep!

Here's some of my inspiration:

2. Dog Beds/Accessories:
I didn't have to look much further than Catherine's own blog for inspiration for my second idea. Wouldn't it be great to have dog beds made out of Rikshaw fabric? Look how adorable Jumby looks surrounded by all that block printed beauty!

I'm sure my pup wouldn't mind having a mini version of the Taj Elephant Pillow to play with either!

So those are two of my ideas to expand an already amazing and successful line. I hope you enjoyed them! Thanks again to Catherine for asking me to help out while she gets some much needed R&R!


The Zhush said...

Yes! Pajamas! Love that!

Anonymous said...

pajamas please!

Beach House Living said...

PJ's your right; that would be fun.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

If my pj's where like that I would wear them even to work :) Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for pj's!
Shelley Brown

Marija said...

I would be all over the pj idea. Totally.

simpledaisy said...

Love the pj's idea!! I always need some cute ph's:)

Champagne/StitchPoet said...

YES! what I said! so unless you cut that from my post ;) that's two votes! I've got my credit card at the ready....I want a long gown and a cami/bloomer set! PLEASE!!